Four Must-Have Spring/Summer Sandals You Need To Buy

Four Must-Have Spring/Summer Sandals You Need To Buy

A pair of sandals is an essential wardrobe staple for anyone’s spring/summer wardrobe.

This season, there are several trendy sandal styles that are a must-have for looking and feeling fab now the sun has finally reappeared.

Chunky Sandals

Chunky sandals have had a good couple of years in the spotlight, and they are proving to be sticking around. This season, they are not just a passing trend but a definitive must-have for those looking to infuse their wardrobe with a blend of comfort and cutting-edge style.

They effortlessly complement a range of outfits, serving as the perfect counterpart to a summer maxi dress, or paired with jeans and a tank.

The substantial soles not only provide comfort, allowing for extended wearability throughout the day into the night, but also add a contemporary edge to traditional summer looks.

Fisherman Sandals

Fisherman sandals epitomise both durability and timeless elegance. Characterised by their distinctive closed-toe design and interlocking leather straps, these sandals merge functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering an enduring choice for the fashion lovers.

Pair them with linen trousers and a linen shirt for a go-to outfit that oozes understated sophistication, or teaming them with a flowing midi dress to evoke a more relaxed, bohemian vibe. The intricate webbing of straps not only serves a practical purpose but also adds a textural dimension to outfits, providing a visual interest that complements a wide array of styles.

Platform Sandals

Platform sandals inject a sense of fun and nostalgia into any wardrobe. Imagine teaming a pair with wide-leg trousers for a nod to past eras of fashion, or coupling them with a mini skirt to embrace a more contemporary aesthetic. The elevation offered by these sandals elongates the silhouette, granting a graceful poise, while their diverse styles add personality to any simple outfit.

Indulging in the trend of platform sandals means embracing both the nostalgic and the novel. It’s about celebrating the fusion of comfort and chic, height and wearability.

Leather Flip Flops

Leather flip flops effortlessly elevate a simple classic. Flip flops are perfect for the beach, but a leather option means that almost any summer outfit works with this staple choice.

Whether worn with tailored linen trousers and a lightweight shirt and tank top for a smart-casual look, or paired with a cute summer dress for an afternoon sightseeing, these sandals adapt seamlessly to so many aesthetics, highlighting their functional elegance.

Investing in leather flip flops is a great option for summer, and they will be sure to be your go-to shoe choice throughout the warmer months.

Written by Emma Rostron, a Fashion Blogger and Personal Stylist, dedicated to helping women discover their unique style and empowering them to shine with confidence.

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