How to Style Black for The Summer

How to Style Black for The Summer

When it comes to summer fashion, black is often overlooked in favour of lighter, brighter colours. That being said, us girls who can’t step away from an all black outfit can still wear our favourite colour (yes, black is a colour :D), in the warmer months!

Here’s how to incorporate black into your summer wardrobe while staying stylish and most importantly – staying cool!


Choose Lightweight Fabrics

The choice of fabric makes all the difference in the summer. Lightweight, breathable materials like cotton and linen, are perfect for keeping you cool. These fabrics allow air to flow, and give a light, breezy look to your outfit. If something doesn’t feel right to you when styling black for summer, think about whether it’s the material that’s too heavy, and giving a little too much ‘winter’ to your look.

A black linen dress or a cotton tank top can be both comfortable, and are simple, easy items to wear and style for all style personalities.


Switch Skin-Tight For Loose Silhouettes

Loose-fitting pieces are ideal for summer as it’s cool, and is easy to move around in. You don’t want to appear hot and bothered, or like you’re restricted in what you’re wearing, so a looser silhouette ensures you look like you put effort into your outfit, and chose pieces that are weather appropriate.

I would go for wide-leg trousers in a linen, maxi skirts, and oversized t-shirts.


Mix with Light & Bright Accessories

Accessories is where I like to add some colour into my wardrobe. It’s an easy way to be a bit daring, without committing too much to a certain colour.

White sneakers, a straw hat, or a colourful handbag creates contrast and adds a summery vibe to your all black look. Metallic accessories can also add a touch of interest without overwhelming your look.

I recommend wearing a colourful pair of Gazelles, a bold coloured bag, or even an oversized straw bag for a laid-back and super casual effect. Remember, when you’re styling all black, you don’t need to go too crazy with colour, especially during summer. Straw and canvas shoes, bags and accessories are enough to add some lightness to your outfit, and create an instantly brighter summer feel to your go-to looks.



Written by Emma Rostron, a Fashion Blogger and Personal Stylist, dedicated to helping women discover their unique style and empowering them to shine with confidence.

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