Five of the Best Vegan Moisturisers

Five of the Best Vegan Moisturisers

Five of the Best Vegan MoisturisersPhoto by SHINE TANG on Unsplash

Looking for a moisturiser that nourishes your skin while staying kind to animals and the environment? The world of vegan skincare is booming, offering a wealth of high-performing, cruelty-free options. Whether you have dry, oily, or sensitive skin, there’s a perfect vegan moisturiser waiting to be discovered. Dive into our top five picks, formulated with plant-powered ingredients to quench your skin’s thirst and keep it glowing, all without compromising on ethics or efficacy.

Elemis Superfood Day Cream

Elemis Superfood Day Cream is a vegan powerhouse that nourishes your skin with a blend of superfood extracts like goji berry and wheatgrass. This lightweight cream delivers a surge of antioxidants and vitamins, leaving your skin feeling protected, radiant, and perfectly hydrated. It absorbs quickly, making it an ideal base for makeup application, and caters to all skin types thanks to its gentle, plant-powered formula.

Medik8 Total Moisture Daily Facial Cream

Medik8’s Total Moisture Daily Facial Cream is a fragrance-free, vegan champion for all skin types. Hyaluronic acid acts like a moisture magnet, providing long-lasting hydration throughout the day. This lightweight cream is packed with plant-based powerhouses like vitamin E for protection and shea butter for nourishment. It absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling balanced, soft, and perfectly prepped for makeup – all while being 100% vegan and kind to animals.

REN Clean Skincare Bio Retinoid Youth Cream

REN Clean Skincare’s Bio Retinoid Youth Cream offers a vegan alternative to achieve a youthful glow. By harnessing the power of bakuchiol, a plant-derived retinol substitute, this cream minimises fine lines and wrinkles, promoting a firmer, smoother complexion. Rice peptides stimulate collagen production, while moringa extract adds a healthy radiance. This luxurious, vegan formula delivers all the anti-aging benefits you desire without the irritation sometimes associated with retinol.

This Works My Wrinkles Midnight Moisture

This Works My Wrinkles Midnight Moisture is a vegan night cream that works its magic while you sleep. Packed with starflower oil and hyaluronic acid, this potent formula promotes skin cell renewal, reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. The rich, creamy texture provides deep hydration, leaving you with a noticeably firmer, smoother complexion come morning. This luxurious night cream caters to all skin types, offering a vegan solution for a youthful appearance.

Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance

Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance is a fragrance-free, vegan saviour for dry, thirsty skin. Hyaluronic acid attracts and retains moisture, while plant-based extracts like oat kernel and avocado oil calm and nourish. This lightweight cream addresses dehydration, restoring balance and leaving your skin feeling comfortable, healthy, and glowy. Perfect for those seeking a vegan moisturiser that delivers intense hydration without compromising on gentleness.

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