Embrace the Palette: Must-Have Colours for the Upcoming Season

Embrace the Palette: Must-Have Colours for the Upcoming Season

As the seasons change, our fashion sense gets a makeover too. Spring brings in a burst of colours, reviving classic tones and introducing some daring new shades.

Let’s dive into the must-have colours that are set to rule the fashion scene this spring.

Olive Green

Olive green is like that trusty sidekick that’s always ready to elevate your look. Picture yourself styling camo pants with a crisp white tee for that effortlessly cool city vibe. Or layer up with vests over jeans for a rugged yet sophisticated feel. If you’re into subtlety, sneak some olive green into your accessories game – think handbags or shoes. It’s a fresh take on your everyday basics, adding a touch of earthy elegance to your style.


Yellow, the colour of sunshine and good vibes, is making a much needed return this season. Go all out with bright hues that scream happiness with Adidas Gazelles in a bold yellow or pair a vibrant handbag with your basic outfit for an instant mood boost. And if you prefer to dial it down a notch, pastel shades are your go-to. Think cute floral prints or tops that reflect springs freshness. Yellow is all about embracing life with a big smile – it’s the ultimate mood lifter for your wardrobe.

Ecru or Off White

Amidst the sea of colours, ecru or off white stands out as calming, classic, and sophisticated. It’s soft, subtle, and it looks good on most people (if you don’t know your colour profile then it might be worth having a colour analysis as pure white is too stark for a lot of skin tones). Mix and match tailored trousers and blazers for a polished yet laid-back vibe. Add some flair with ecru vest tops and knitwear, effortlessly transitioning from day to night. Ecru is like a blank canvas for your creativity, offering endless styling possibilities with minimal effort.


Bright Red

Get ready to turn heads with the comeback of bright red. This bold hue commands attention, injecting your outfit with an undeniable energy. Mix things up by rocking red kicks like Adidas Gazelles (can you tell I’m obsessed), or chic ballet flats. Or go for a statement piece like a red blazer or knitwear for that touch of timeless elegance with a trend lead feel. Red is the colour of passion and confidence so if you’ve got a big meeting, a first date, or you just need a little confidence boost, get something red on and it will change your day!

Light Blue

Light blue is a classic favorite that never goes out of style. It captures the essence of spring with its airy charm and timeless appeal. Embrace the laid-back vibe with oversized, flowey shirts or switch our your darker wash denim for light blue jeans – a wardrobe staple that can be worn all year round. Complete your look with soft knitwear and accessories to maintain the lightness of spring and summer. Light blue is the epitome of spring chic, effortlessly embodying the season’s spirit in every ensemble.

Whether you’re drawn to the utilitarian nod of olive green, or the fiery allure of bright red, let your wardrobe reflect your personality and style with these new season colours.


Written by Emma Rostron, a Fashion Blogger and Personal Stylist, dedicated to helping women discover their unique style and empowering them to shine with confidence.


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